farmhouse in need of repair service

Common Farmhouse Replacement Services

farmhouse in need of repair service

Now as all farmers know there are all types of repairs and maintenance that your farm will have. For many of these issues you will solve them yourself. Most farmers are pretty handy when it comes to repairs but there are a few common services that sometimes require a specialist in the field to deal with the problems. This can be because the materials have to come from a special manufacturer or fabricator. Depending on which contractor you use depends on which service. General contractors are more for building structures so when you are in need of a certain type of repair you will be better off calling a specific type of company like a Glazing Contractor (Windows and Glass), Electrical Contractor etc.

Plumbing Services on the Farm

Although many basic plumbing issues can be handled with a plunger or snake any big issues where the walls or ground need to be cut into you will want to hire a professional plumber. No one wants the hassle of dealing with this but having a functioning home when you are in the middle of nowhere is a top priority.

Glass Windows and Doors of the House

Glass is a good example of a specialized field. Although some places like Ace Hardware carry standard single pane annealed glass big stores like Home Depot and Lowes don’t cut or keep glass in stock. Be aware that the road to the job site will want to be relatively flat. If it’s a bumpy dirt road there is a good chance the glass will break when in transit to the job site. Make sure there is plenty of room to move around the replacement glass when preparing for installation. The time it takes to complete a window replacement will depend on if it’s a glass only or full frame window that’s being put in. Valleywide Glass LLC in Phoenix AZ told us that a window glass replacement can take anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours depending on the setup.

Farmers Electrical Repairs

Electricity is dangerous and needs to be handled with care. For electrical problems that are easy like turning a breaker back on the farm owner can handle that themselves. Whenever there is a damage or breaks or exposed wires then a service call is in order.


horse farriers review painted horse

Some of the Best Horse Breeds for a Farm

One of the beautiful things about horses is that they come in a variety of breeds. From an aesthetic standpoint, there are different sizes, colors, and builds, all with varying manes, hooves, and tails. Horses are very versatile animals, and have been bred to specialize in different skill sets. Today there are varying breeds of work horses, show horses, riding horses, and more.
Horses that are optimized for farms often fall into the categories of draft horses or stock horses, meaning that they have been bred to pull carts and perform other tasks or to get along well with cattle and other livestock, respectively. Most farm-bred horses are a good mix of those attributes, and bloodlines with well-mannered dispositions and a good medical history are always favored.

Now let’s get into some examples!

American paint horses. These medium-to-large horses have a distinctive spotting pattern all over their bodies, and as such come in a variety of colors. These amiable horses are easily trained and intelligent, and are generally popular choices for family riding, racing, and farm work.

belgian draft horse running

Belgian draft. One of the most popular work horse breeds, these large, strong horses were developed in Belgium originally. Horse farriers have to make special horse shoes for a horse that big!However, as a result of the war, livestock imports were limited and an American breed developed. Belgian drafts are often chestnut or sorrel colored with white manes, tails, facial markings, and “socks,” but can come in bay or roan with darker accents.

Other Popular Horse Breeds

Clydesdale. Similar to the Belgian drafts, Clydesdales are quite large horses, with great strength and pulling power, but gentle dispositions that make them easy to work with. Clydesdales come in several different colors, mostly bay, but also chestnut, black, brown, or roan, with fluffy “socks” just like the Belgians.

Morgan. Morgans are smaller-sized horses known for their agreeable attitudes and high spirits. They are a popular all-around farm horse, popular for riding and driving as well as their farm work. They are typically bay horses with darker manes and tails, but do come in other colors.

Percheron. Percherons, an originally French breed, are large, strong, well-built horses commonly used by loggers and farmers. They mostly come in black, gray, bay, and roans, and are sometimes seen with “socks.”

Shire. The Shire is particularly versatile British breed, often scoring high in show rings as well as being good workers. These are among the largest draft breeds and are often black with some white markings and “socks.”

Quarter Horse. Popular for their ability to sprint short distances at high speeds, quarter horses are another versatile option. They are taller and heavier than most other breeds, making them good choices for pulling and other farm work. These are docile, intelligent, and easy-to-train horses, and are therefore popular among beginning riders. These are generally sorrel, bay, or dun-colored, with accent marks on their legs and faces.

All of these horses can be hot shoed, cold shoed or have specialty shoe work done by a professional from the National Horse Farriers.

Remember, this is not an exhaustive list, and it takes a great deal of research to fully understand which horse breeds would be best for your particular needs. There are many more popular stock breeds, especially depending on the country, but the most important things to keep in mind are strength, size, and disposition.


spray foam in a barn

Many farmers don’t insulate their barn doors or windows very often

Many people don’t insulate their barn walls because they mistakenly believe that the ground outside does the insulating for them. Dirt will not help that much. You have to plug any holes you can with spray foam. Now not all people have big farms and barns they need to seal, you can use these same strategies even if you are a New York Spray Foam Insulation customer.

Done properly, farm barn door and window insulation will not only reduce heat loss, but it will make your barn warmer, drier and much more comfortable. You should install a moisture barrier over the bare wall before adding the stud frame and insulation. Add a good seal over the installed stud frame and insulation before adding drywall and new wood.

For exterior insulating, you must get rid of all the dirt around the area, fix any cracked spots, leaky areas and other places where moisture can get in. Cover the entire surface of the wall with a layer of waterproofing material before adding rigid insulation. Use flashing and a protective cover when installing anything over the insulation to make sure moisture does not get between the barn wall and the insulation wall. Moisture can seriously damage your finished barn door so make sure to do a good job and the problem. It’s far more expensive and difficult to fix after the work has been finished.

farmer holding wheat

Farmers Have Rights Too!

Farmers’ Legal rights are a precondition for the maintenance of a crops genetic diversity, which is the basis of all food and agriculture production in the world. Basically, realizing Farmers’ Rights means enabling farmers to develop and maintain great crops using genetic resources as they have done since the dawn of man. They have made great changes in agriculture, and seeing and rewarding them for this indispensable contribution to the global pool of genetic resources.

The amount of different plants is huge

Plant genetic assortment is probably more important for farming than any other environmental factor, simply because it is the factor that enables adaptation to changing environmental conditions such as plant diseases and climate change. You think all that smog in the air doesn’t alter their genes? Thus, as a precondition for the maintenance of this diversity, certain farmers are crucial for ensuring future and present food security in general, and in the fight against rural poverty in particular. So for this reason we see the benefit of looking further into this.

The International Treaty dealing with Plant Genes

This web page is about those workers who try the best they can to make a difference. They are addressed in the International Treaties on Plant Genetic Resourcess for Food and Agriculture. The agreement recognizes the enormous contributions made by many talented farmers worldwide in conserving and developing diverse crop genetic resources. They have even worked on the benefits of Medical Marijuana.
The International Treaty does, however, not define which of the laws that the farmers need to follow. The following is a working definition developed on the basis of the research of me and can be seen as a lowest common denominator of all people consulted and all documents and literature surveyed:

We all have the right to help the farmers to save, use, exchange and sell farm saved seeds and getting material, and having their rights  be recognized, reward and support for their contributions to the global group of genetic resources as well as to the development of commercial varieties of plants, and to participate in decision making on issues related to crop genetic resources.